More than $103K being awarded to two Eastern Shore fire departments, money being used for PPE

SALISBURY, Md.-  Maryland Congressional Delegation announced Tuesday that more than $103,000 in new federal grant funding will be given to Eastern Shore Firefighters to supply them with personal protective equipment.

“It was just a very satisfying thing to open that email and see that grant funding was awarded to the city of Salisbury,” Jim Gladwell, Deputy Fire Chief of Administration, said.

The grant allows more than $82,000 to be awarded to the City of Salisbury Fire Department, and over $21,000 to Kent Island Volunteer Fire Department.

The Deputy Fire Chief of Administration for the Salisbury Fire department said trying to get PPE has been a struggle.

“At one time we thought we may have to cut out trash bags you know cut out holes and use trash bags as ponchos,” Gladwell said.

To put things in more of perspective, Gladwell said easily they could probably spend a thousand dollars a week just on PPE.

“If you’re using a hundred masks a day and each of those masks cost just say five bucks, there’s five hundred dollars a day just in masks,” Gladwell said.

He adds the funding will not only help with getting gloves, masks, hand sanitizer, and eye protection right now, but also for the future.

“That funding will allow us to stock pile it so that if there is a resurgence of it in the area we will already have it and be prepared,” Gladwell said.

And with that, Congressman Andy Harris said that it will be crucial for our government to continue to help get front line workers the funding they need.

“It’s going to be important to make sure wherever gaps that exist, especially when they’re in our first responders or in our healthcare workers we can plug those gaps,” Harris said.

I am told that at the height of the pandemic the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore has given the Salisbury Fire Department funding.

They awarded them three different grants adding up to $9,000.

Gladwell also said that they will be using some of that funding to help get the Salisbury Police Department PPE as well.

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