Indivisible Worcester Maryland gathered to protest Saturday morning, supporting the post office

OCEAN PINES, Md.- This morning in Ocean Pines a group of around 50 people gathered to show their support for the post office.

Members of Indivisible Worcester Maryland and Move On stood outside the post office, with many signs, for a protest that started around 11 a.m.

They said they’re trying to save the local post office from continuing efforts by Republican leaders to cripple the United States Postal Service, and suppress voting in the upcoming election.

They said this rally is part of a nationwide effort where many groups are fighting for the same thing today outside of other post offices.

“I want to send support for the united states post office, we love them, we need them, America needs them,” Toby Perkins, Action Leader Indivisible Worcester MD., said.

“The post office is critical, it’s critical for people getting medication, it’s critical for people getting checks,” Joan Roache, Indivisible Worcester MD. member, said.

Protestors are also encouraging to vote and to show their support for the post office in any way they can.

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