Educators and parent react on Gov. Carney’s approval for hybrid model for Delaware schools

DELAWARE- On Tuesday, Governor John Carney gave his approval for Delaware schools to open under a hybrid model. This model involves a mix of both in-person and remote instruction.
Some school leaders are now reacting to the news saying this is a decision they can get behind.

“I was satisfied, I wasn’t really surprised. I felt that it was kind of a decision that gives a little bit more of autonomy, but also puts in some guidelines,” Eric Anderson, Head of School for Sussex Academy, said.

Anderson said his school district had been planning to start the school year off under a hybrid model, so this approval from the Governor makes that easier.

“We’re looking at a model where students would come to class in person for a couple days and then participate synchronously online at home, while the other half of the students are at school,” Anderson said.

Some people have been chiming in on social media however, expressing concern about the hybrid model saying they feel classes should be completely virtual in order to keep students and staff safe.

But The Secretary of Education in Delaware,  said the hybrid model could be the most effective reopening option because not everyone can participate in remote learning.

However, she said that schools in the state will need to enforce social distancing and the mask requirement when kids are in school in order to keep them safe.

“If that’s the safest way we can do this to make sure that our students are getting a high quality education then under these circumstances that we’re now in that’s the way we need to go, Susan Bunting, Secretary of Education in Delaware, said.

Overall,  it seems everyone we spoke to agrees that offering different options for learning is a good move.

Now, it’s up to the individual counties to decide what’s best for their students.

We’re told the state of Delaware is working with district and school leaders to provide free COVID-19 testing for educators and staff before the school year begins.

Community testing sites geared toward students will also be set up in the weeks before schools open.

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