Artists needed to fill gallery space Downtown

SALISBURY, Md. – Artists in Salisbury, listen up! Your talents are needed to fill a space downtown space.

Bret Davis says he and his girlfriend, Brooklynne Younker, noticed some public art in downtown Salisbury, so they wanted to find a way to display art more long term.

They found the perfect spot inside of the One Plaza East building, but now they just need your help filling the space!

Artists don’t need to pay to display their art, and Davis says they can help hang or display the art.

He says he and Younker just wanted to find a way to bring more art downtown and help some artists out with visibility.

“Local artists don’t have too many ways if displaying their art for long periods of time, and galleries are really great for sometimes being open for specific events, so we wanted to give local artists the opportunity to display their art for a long period of time,” Davis said.

Davis says he and Younker also worked with Jamie Heater with the arts district downtown.

We should mention, the art inside of the gallery will also be on video security at all time, and artists are able to provide additional insurance on their own work if they choose to.

If you’re interested in displaying your work, you can contact Davis at 240-994-6481.


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