47ABC flies with the GEICO Skytypers ahead of the OC Air Show

OCEAN CITY, Md. – The Ocean City Air Show is set to take place this weekend. One of the many talented teams that will be performing at this years show are the GEICO Skytypers.

This is the Skytypers’ first Air Show of 2020, and they have another dazzling display planned for spectators.

Mark Gannucci, an Alternate Left Wing Pilot for the GEICO Skytypers said, “They’re going to see a lot of noise, a lot of maneuvers. What we do is provide formations, break-ups of those formations, and then we rejoin in front of the crowds. It’s a very tight air show.”

The planes, also known as SNJ’s, have been around since World War II, and they can reach speeds of up to 240 miles per hour. They were originally used for training purposes…but now, as their name implies, the planes can ‘type’ letters in the sky using smoke.

On Tuesday, 47ABC’s Brooke Butler got to fly with the Skytypers to get an up-close look at their performance.

Brooke got to experience a variety of maneuvers during her flight. At some point, she watched as the planes got just feet away from one another.

Gannucci explained, “The closer you are together, the easier it is to know what the ship is doing in front of you and how to maintain separation.”

At one point during the flight, Brooke was told to brace for some G’s, so she did as she was told. She says it felt as if someone twice her size was pushing down all their weight on her.

Gannucci said, “What we pulled today is you experienced 3G’s.”

After a thrilling ride, it was time for Brooke to land. Once on the ground, Brooke asked her pilot, Gannucci, how she did. He said, “You did above average! Every time we do media flight, someone usually gets a little queasy at the end, so you did fantastic. And you were enjoying it! I heard you whooping in the back, so it was a successful day.”

So when you see the Skytypers take to the sky this weekend, keep in mind the skill and precision it takes to fly one of the planes.


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