Wicomico County Council continues to put plans on hold to purchase Delmar land

WICOMICO COUNTY, Md.-  Wicomico County plans to purchase land in Delmar to expand the Mason Dixon Sports Plex have been put on ice for now.

Tuesday the county council voted four to three to shoot down a proposal to purchase the land because some believe the cost is too high.

Councilman Bill McCain, who voted in favor of it, said an Open Space Fund provided by the State of Maryland would cover some of the cost for the land.

So, the county would need to cover the remaining amount, which is $3,000 dollars.

Money that McCain said he would be willing to donate because he believes an expansion of the sports plex would help the area.

“For it to continue it’s long standing history and highly valuable asset to the Delmar community, and as the council members we should certainly encourage anything that improves the quality of life of our citizens and this is an opportunity to do that,” McCain said.

Interestingly enough even though, Council Member Nicole Acle voted against the proposal.

She said she is willing to donate and thinks fundraising could be an option to help with costs.

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