Talbot County school officials ask for feedback on reopening


TALBOT COUNTY, Md. – The biggest topic of discussion for school officials right now is whether the county will be going to a hybrid or a completely virtual model.

For Talbot County, their hybrid plan consists of two groups of students. One group would be in person on Monday and Tuesday while the other is online. Then on Thursday and Friday, they switch. As for Wednesday, that day would be all online and teachers would get professional development while some small groups of students are brought in for specialized instruction. Talbot’s Superintendent Dr. Kelly Griffith says they are also working on a transportation model.

“We are working on the logistics on providing transportation for anyone who needs it and if we do a hybrid model we are actually going to do it so that we can transport families together so that we are not separating families on A days or B days.”

There will also be a board meeting at the end of the month to decide whether they go back as a hybrid model, virtual model or a combination of the two. Talbot County will be the first district in Maryland to open schools with a planned start date of  August 24th.

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