Rosenfeld’s Jewish Deli spreading love through Campaign for Compassion

DELMARVA- A popular deli on Delmarva is doing what they can to spread love and compassion in their community.

The owner of Rosenfeld’s Jewish Deli started the Campaign for Compassion on Monday.

He said he wanted to start this campaign because he feels there is so much division and anger in our community right now.

He said it’s time for people to make an effort to be peaceful and understanding towards others.

Rosenfeld’s will be sharing positive messages on his business’ Facebook page for the campaign, but also he’s looking to join with other restaurants to hold gatherings and community oriented activities.

“At this point in time, what people needed was the message of compassion and love peace and understanding regardless of political parties, regardless of political views, regardless of race gender, sexual orientation,” Warren Rosenfeld, said.

Rosenfeld said that he will be meeting next week with two other restaurant owners who are involved to figure out more details.

If businesses would like to participate in the campaign, they can send a message to the restaurants Facebook page at Rosenfeld’s Jewish Deli.

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