Republican Lauren Witzke holds Stand Up Against Communism Event

DOVER, Del. – Republican Lauren Witzke who is running for U.S. Senate Delaware is taking a stand against the Black Lives Matter movement saying that’s actually a communist group and that those a part of the movement are not fighting for racial justice.

“We are standing up to communism and Marxism, which is what the Black Lives Matter organization stands for,” said Witzke.

On Saturday, Witzke who is running against Delaware U.S. Senator Chris Coons gathered with community members to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement and her opposition towards the group and those who support it like Coons.

“Unlike U.S. Senator Chris Coons we are here to stand up against the mob,” said Witzke.

“Chris Coons marched with rioters and looters and we’re here to say that the rule of law will prevail,” said Witzke.

Senator Coons’ Office responded to Witzke’s comments saying, “This extremist nonsense is not based in reality. Senator Coons has a well-earned reputation for fighting for Delaware and bringing people together to get things done.”

Sean Ahmir Pinkett a speaker at Saturday’s event says growing up in a mixed family he believes the Black Lives Matter movement is not representing all black lives.

“They’re leaving out a whole base of mixed kids, white kids, kids who grew up in white families, white households that don’t really want to continue to go on with what I say is the anger of the past that a lot of the Black Lives Matter movement is trying to push,” said Pinkett.

Other people 47ABC spoke to say the Black Lives Matter movement is not political and that it is all about equal rights and being humane.

They say they just want more resources and new laws that will help build a stronger community.

“If things were the way they needed to be, there wouldn’t be a Black Lives Matter movement and we wouldn’t be seeing what we’re seeing in 2020,” said Jeffrey T. Benson Jr., a member of the Southern Delaware Alliance For Racial Justice.

According to Benson, the next step for representatives of the Black Lives Matter movement is to meet with state and federal agencies and create new laws that will make officials who’ve abused their power be held accountable.

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