MD police accountability group seeks public comment for next meeting

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Maryland’s police accountability workgroup will be meeting next week. They’re looking to discuss police misconduct, use of force policies, and more. A week from Thursday, on August 6th, state lawmakers will be holding a virtual zoom meeting where the public is encouraged to sign up and talk about their concerns and experiences with police. Officials say those who wish to speak will have approximately two minutes to get their issues across on a first come first serve basis. Legislators tell 47 ABC that this next meeting is critical in order to get the residents’ point of view and to tackle key issues in the community.

“We can understand a little bit better of what it looks like statewide on what type of reform people are looking for, what type of suggestions on best practices can be implemented such as de-escalation, making a standard across the board,” said Speaker Pro Tem, Delegate Sheree Sample-Hughes (D-District 37A).

If you’d like to register ahead of time to speak at next week’s meeting click here.


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