“Maskne”: Why are you breaking out under your mask and is it preventable?

SALISBURY, Md.- Ever hear of the term maskne?

It’s what people are calling acne that’s caused by wearing a face mask.

We’re told maskne  is largely caused by three main things.

First, wearing a face mask for a long time can cause heat and moisture. Those two things can irritate your skin and cause unwanted bumps.

Also, if you’re using facial rejuvenating creams while also wearing a mask, that can cause some trouble because it can cause the skin to become fragile and burn.

We are told the best way to prevent all of this is to take care of your skin and practice good hygiene.

“Doing gentle skin care, make sure the skin is moisturized well, to help protect the skin from irritants and sweat, and therapy if you need it,” Dr. Luette Semmes, M.D., Dermatologist, said.

Dr. Semmes  said she is seeing that mostly healthcare patients are seeing these problems because they are wearing these masks for long periods of time.

She adds that how tight the mask is can also impact what break outs you’re seeing.

Also, don’t forget to wash that face mask regularly to prevent a build up of dirt.

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