Local winery uses grant to help the environment

VIENNA, Md. – A Maryland winery is stepping back from their winemaking to help the environment.

Thanks to a roughly $20,000 grant, Layton’s Chance in Vienna is helping to remove toxins from the Bay area. We’re told the bioreactor is one of the ways to take water that’s rich in nitrogen and naturally take some of the nitrogen out.

Officials say this project will remove about 500 pounds of nitrogen a year. It’s all gravity fed, meaning there’s no electricity, no motors, and no pumps; the water just runs into the pit through the pit, fills up, and then comes back out into the local ditch.

Joe Layton, one of the owners of Layton’s Chance, says the changes farmers are being asked to make are costly and even though he wants to help the environment, he also wants society and lawmakers to provide the necessary funding they need to make changes like these.

If you’d like a tour of their bioreactor, all you have to do is stop by Layton’s Chance Winery in Vienna.

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