Interim Report presented to Governor John Carney, recommendations for surge in COVID cases

DELAWARE- The Pandemic Resurgence Advisory Committee has submitted their Interim Report presenting a plan for if there is another surge in COVID cases this fall.

Right now, they are recommending that if there is a resurgence that there is expansion for testing and PPE, maintaining access to healthcare, and workforce job training.

We are told all hands need to be on deck to make sure a resurgence doesn’t happen, and that vulnerable populations aren’t heavily impacted.

“As the Lieutenant Governor said at the outset and I know in all of our minds, we have to have a healthy community to have a healthy economy for the people in the middle and the people who are significantly at risk suffer tremendously,” Governor John Carney, (D) Delaware, said.

We are told that Delawareans are encouraged to submit their comments to the committee.

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