Health insurance deadline: Marylanders have one week left to get insurance

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – The clock is ticking. Marylanders officially have one week left to enroll in health insurance coverage through the state’s special coronavirus enrollment period. State leaders made the decision to re-open the Coronavirus Emergency Special Enrollment Period and extend the deadline in an effort to give more residents the opportunity to enroll. But both the Emergency Special Enrollment and the Easy Enrollment Health Insurance Program are set to expire on July 15th. So far, 49,000 residents have received coverage during the special enrollment period that began in March. Which state officials say is huge when it comes to lowering the cost for premiums.

“The more people that you have insured, the lower the cost will be across the board. So it’s kind of like diversifying you’re insured population so those premiums can become lower for everybody,” said Delegate Sheree Sample-Hughes (D-District 37A).

In order to enroll in the health insurance program, all you have to do is head on over to Maryland HealthConnection.Gov to apply.

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