Delaware State Fair makes some changes for fairgoers visiting farm animals

HARRINGTON, Del. – People taking care of farm animals there tell 47ABC despite the new coronavirus restrictions they are glad to be back on the fairgrounds.
They say there have been fewer guests inside the barn areas this year.
That is largely because guests are limited when it comes to where they can walk in and around the barns, but it is important to remember these changes were made to help everyone to social distance.
Members of the Peach Blossom 4-H Club say before the fair they were nervous about crowds of people gathering in the barns so they are satisfied the fair has made the necessary changes to keep everyone healthy.
They say kids competing with their farm animals this year had been looking forward to the fair so they’re glad the show can still go on.
“Our kids have lost out on so much and have had so many opportunities taken away and the fair is just the highlight of their year,” said G&S Owner Stephanie Knutsen.
“They work very hard with these animals all year long and so if the fair was going on we were going to do it,” said Knutsen.
Some people at the barns say there is not a huge concern for the safety of the farm animals this year as many of them have been vaccinated against a certain strain of the coronavirus that will prevent them from potentially getting sick. 
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