Delaware sees high infant mortality rate, Perinatal Quality Collaborative formally established


DELAWARE – On Friday Delaware’s Governor signed Senate Bill 201, formally establishing the Delaware Perinatal Quality Collaborative.

“There is a higher infant mortality rate here in Delaware compared to the nation,” says Leah Woodall, the Chief of Family Health Systems for the Delaware Division of Public Health. “I think we just have a medical arm that is working really closely with other stakeholders and we are talking about evidence, we are talking about things that work that preventing deaths for moms and babies and improving outcomes.”

Officials say the collaborative will allow experts to analyze data from certain cases which may even help them save lives. “Unfortunately we have a racial disparity where black babies are dying two and half almost three times the rate of white infants, and black moms are three to four times likely to die from pregnancy complications,” says Woodall.

Health officials say this is just one step towards improving the lives of all Delawareans. “We are trying to reduce that stubborn disparity, it is unacceptable, we really want to close that gap,” says Woodall.

All seven birthing institutions in Delaware are members of the collaborative. Currently, it’s using a federal grant to address obstetrical hemorrhaging, which is a major cause of maternal mortality.

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