Cooking with Lynn: Making vegetable ratatouille

SALISBURY, Md. – It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to get your stomachs and your kitchens ready for another episode of Cooking with Lynn! Lynn Matava is a nutrition educator with the University of Eastern Shore Extension, and today she’s showing us how you can use any vegetables you may have laying around your kitchen.

For the recipe, Lynn is using cucumbers, tomatoes, egg plant, and some other veggies, then just tossing them in a slow cooker and letting them all simmer together for a few hours. She adds some oil and some seasonings, but other than that, Lynn says it’s an easy recipe that you can really just toss in the slow cooker and then leave it alone!

Lynn adds that, as with most of her recipes, this is something you could get your kids involved in, too. Whether their job is to chop up some vegetables with a kid-friendly knife or to help you measure ingredients, it’s something the entire family can get involved with.


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