City of Salisbury rescinds 50 person limit on gatherings

SALISBURY, Md. – As a result of the relaxing of health and safety guidelines by the State of Maryland, the City of Salisbury is rescinding its previous 50-person limit on gatherings within city limits.

Officials say although the conditions regarding exposure to COVID-19 no longer require the 50-person limit on the number of people at gatherings, it is still very important to take proper precautions and continue to assess social situations in terms of health standards.

“The City of Salisbury will continue to closely monitor the positivity rate Statewide and locally and will make any necessary changes to quickly respond to COVID-19. I implore you all to continue to stay home when able, socially distance indoors and outdoors, wear masks, and practice good hand hygiene,” said City Administrator, Julia Glanz.

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