Business owners in Rehoboth Beach face slow July 4th Weekend amid coronavirus pandemic

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – Many businesses in Rehoboth Beach say this 4th of July Weekend was slower than ever before.

“This 4th of July was unlike any other at all,” said Dale Slotter, owner at Cooter Brown’s Twisted Southern Kitchen and Bourbon Bar.

“This is our fourth summer here and I’d say this 4th of July was kind like a ghost town in Rehoboth,” said Slotter, “It was kind of eerie like because if you look down the street there’s parking spots everywhere.”

Businesses like the restaurant Cilantro Cocina de Mexico say they saw a big drop in sales this weekend.

“This 4th of July weekend, we definitely saw a recession,” said Francisco González Martínez, bartender and manager at Cilantro Cocina de Mexico.

“We definitely, I would say, lost half of what we normally make,” said González Martínez.

They say it has not been easy for many people to wear a mask while enduring 90-degree weather and that they need to ensure that customers do not forget to put a mask on.

“Some people get upset and some people don’t like it and it’s frustrating for everyone and it’s not easy, it’s not easy at all, but it’s for the better good of us all,” said González Martínez.

Cooter Brown’s Twisted Southern Kitchen and Bourbon Bar tells 47ABC they believe because bars are closed people think they are not open for business.

“I think the rumor is that since they closed bars down a lot of people think everything is closed and it’s not,” said Slotter.

“We’re open for business,” Slotter, “You can still get your drinks at your table if you want to drink and food is delicious and it’s available.”

Despite some challenges, businesses tell us they are keeping their heads high and will do all they can to keep everyone safe.

“We’re trying to do the best that we can with this situation at hand, trying to be safe, trying to make sure everyone is safe that way we can get back to normal life,” said González Martínez.

Some business owners tell 47ABC a lot of their staff also do not want to return to work for fear of catching the virus, which has made business harder.

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