Bodyguard brings together celebrities and local leaders to share anti-bullying message

PITTSVILLE, Md – In Pittsville Wednesday night celebrity bodyguard Bubba Almony and the Body Guards Against Bullying organization were out speaking to the youth at the Forge Youth and Family Academy.

Although the group was small due to the COVID-19, the message delivered was big. That bullying is never okay and to never give up on yourself.

Almony brought celebrities, athletes, and, local leaders to help him deliver his message. Like social media star and entertainer  A-Town, Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Shane Leatherbury and Worcester County Sheriff Matt Crisafulli.

Almony says the reason he brought the star power with him,  is to show the kids examples of what happens when you chase your dreams.

“Showing them that even though you’re from a small community, the eastern shore, or wherever you may be from out here that you can get through anything you can be anything you want to be in life if you hold on to your dream, protect it and never let it go you work hard anything is possible,” Almony said.

Almony also said this pandemic has hit kids especially hard – so that’s why he wanted to come out and speak to them.

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