Beat the heat: Experts offer tips to keep your pets safe in hot weather

QUEENSTOWN, Md. – It’s hot out there. And that means you not only need to take extra care of yourself, but also your pets. Veterinarians say with temperatures like this, if you have to have your pets outside, they must have access to freshwater and should not be tethered in any way. They also need to have shade available to them at all times.  Experts say with temperatures above 89 degrees, your pet’s temperature can elevate fairly quickly. And if their temperatures get too high, they can be at risk for heatstroke and even death.

“We can see a pet that comes in with difficulty breathing and their temperature maybe 105, to 107 degrees in that short of time. Even if a dog is outside for 30 minutes depending on the breed, the age, or other conditions they could be at risk for heatstroke so let’s make sure your dogs have shade and access to water at all times,” said owner of Queenstown Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Marianne Bailey.

Experts add that if you think your pet may be suffering from heatstroke, get them into air conditioning as soon as possible. They say you should also try to bring them to a vet quickly and apply cool, not cold, wet towels to their belly and paws.


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