Virginia Primary: What voters need to know for Tuesday’s election

ACCOMACK, Va. – On Tuesday, voters across the state of Virginia will be hitting the polls to choose the republican candidates they want to see on this year’s ballot in the 2020 Presidential Election. In Accomack County, election officials have been working around the clock to make sure things run as normal as possible amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

“We limited the number to 10 or under and I trained my folks as I do before every election but we did talk about the proper usage of the equipment that’s been given to them to protect themselves and the voters,” said General Registrar for Accomack County, Patricia White.

Election officials tell 47 ABC they’ve already had a number of voters send in absentee ballots. But for those that plan on voting in person on Tuesday, things might look a bit different.

“They will be wearing masks, they have gloves, they have shields, the shields if they so choose and want to wear both the shields and the masks,” said White.

As for what voters in Accomack County will see on their ballot? They’ll be able to select between three candidates Daniel Gade, Thomas Speciale II, and Alissa Baldwin to represent them in United States Senate. And for the House of Representatives 2nd district, they’ll be able to choose between Ben Loyola, Jr., Scott Taylor, and Jarome Bell.

“We’ll be giving a ballot after you check-in at the poll booths, you’ll be given a ballot and a pen to use and take with you if you do not have your own,” said White.

And if you want to beat the crowds and submit an absentee ballot, you’d better do it soon.

“You can still come in person today and tomorrow, tomorrow’s the last day for in-person absentee voting,” said White.

Officials add that despite the setbacks presented by the coronavirus pandemic, they’re hopeful things will go as planned.


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