‘They should be arrested’: Harris speaks on protesters damaging monuments, statues

MARYLAND – President Donald Trump wants to crack down on protesters who vandalize or destroy statues in the country, and Representative Andy Harris says he agrees with certain punishments.

Tuesday the president tweeted that he authorized the Federal Government to arrest anyone who destroys or vandalizes a monument or statue, and that, if convicted, they could face up to ten years in prison.

Congressman Harris tweeted back at President Trump, saying “The president is right, it’s long past time to enforce the law against these destroyers.”

Harris tells 47 ABC he fully supports American’s rights to peacefully protest, but he believes when that turns criminal, people should be punished.

“For the millions of Americans who are protesting peacefully, they have nothing to worry about, but for those people who are purposefully destroying these memorials, they should be arrested and I believe they should be prosecuted and punished,” Harris said.

In his tweet, President Donald Trump said people could be punished under what’s known as the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act.

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