Non-profit recruiting families, children for free childcare program

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SALISBURY, Md. – With many families struggling financially due to the coronavirus pandemic a local non-profit on the Eastern Shore is doing everything they can to let people know about the free services they offer, which includes childcare.

Applications for the Head Start and Early Head Start programs at Shore-Up Incorporated are now open. Officials say services provided can range from health and financial help for parents to programs that help children meet developmental needs and prepare them for kindergarten. The programs are all free for income-eligible families.

“Not only are we getting students ready for kindergarten and getting them ready for those cognitive skills but we’re also helping families to achieve independence, long term independence and to achieve that economic security,” says Tameka Norman, the chief development and communications officer for Shore Up Inc.

Norman says, as of now, these programs are expected to be held in person. In order to receive an application for the Head Start or Early Head Start program, you can call Shore Up at 410-749-1142 ext. 341.

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