Weather Tidbits: Types of Thunderstorms

Today’s topic is about severe thunderstorms and the different types. One type is the supercell, which is a single severe thunderstorm that provides highs winds and could potentially drop a tornado. It can also last for a while. The next is a squall line. This is a group of supercell storms that form in a line, providing high winds and rain. These usually pass pretty quickly. Next is a bow echo which can form within a squall line. It provides very strong winds, usually stronger than the squall line itself. These are short-lived as well. Lastly is the MCS or Mesoscale Convective System. This is a cluster of thunderstorms that can sometimes form a derecho, a long lived line of severe storms providing damaging winds, lasting a long time. Delmarva had a dangerous derecho hit back in June of 2012. Of course we track these storms on satellite and radar and with constant improvement on instruments like radar our forecasts will continue to improve.

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