Weather Tidbits: Lightning Safety

Today’s weather tidbits topic is about lightning safety. Never seek shelter under a tree because lightning is attracted to tall objects. Go inside your house or a nearby building for the best shelter and stay away from windows. Never go in a pool during a thunderstorm and be sure to leave the pool area and head inside. Lastly, being inside a car is relatively safe during a thunderstorm, just keep your hands away from the exterior of your car, and keep them on the wheel or in your lap. And one more thing, heat lightning is actually not real. It’s a common misconception. When you see lightning but you don’t hear thunder, that usually means you’re looking at a distant thunderstorm and the sound of thunder can’t travel the distance to reach you because light travels faster than sound. So to wrap things up: when thunder roars head indoors, never seek shelter under a tree, and stay away from water.

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