Weather Tidbits: Flood Alerts

Today on weather tidbits we’re talking about flood alerts and the different kind of flood alerts. There’s a flash flood warning, a flood warning, a flood advisory, a coastal flood warning, and a coastal flood advisory. A flash flood warning means flooding is occurring and action must be taken to stay safe. A flash flood is a flood that can occur faster than normal and can pop up almost out of nowhere. A flood warning means flooding is imminent or occurring and action must be taken to stay safe. A flood watch or flash flood watch means flooding conditions are possible and you must be prepared. A flood advisory means nuisance flooding is expected and to be aware of flooded roads. A coastal flood advisory means coastal flooding is occurring and poses little to no threat, while a coastal flood warning means life and property may be at risk. Coastal flooding can occur on very nice days, it doesn’t have to rain for coastal flooding to occur. If flooding occurs in your area be sure to follow these safety tips: stay informed, get to higher ground, obey evacuation orders, practice electrical safety, avoid flood waters and turn around, don’t drown.

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