The Brooke Mulford Foundation selling masks to raise money and carry Brooke’s Legacy

MARYLAND–A foundation that helps raise awareness and money for cancer research on Delmarva is taking their efforts a step further by making masks during COVID-19.

The Brooke Mulford Foundation is creating masks in honor of the late Brooke Mulford who passed away as a young teenager from cancer.

Brooke’s mom, Amy Mulford, said that wearing masks had become a way of life while Brooke was getting treatment, so she saw a tie in with the current need for masks.

That’s why she’s now selling Brooke’s artwork on the masks to help raise money for the foundation and carry on Brooke’s legacy.

“Anything that I can do that keeps her memory alive and at the same time it’s helping others, which was such a passion of hers and it just makes me feel good,” Amy Mulford, Brooke’s mom, said.

The cost of each mask is $10 dollars and 100% of the proceeds will go to Neuroblastoma research at the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia.

You can go on the Facebook page Blessings for Brooke to get more information.

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