Salisbury native talks life after The Voice

ATLANTA, Ga. – Life for Toneisha Harris will never be the same after taking her talents to the big leagues, competing in the 18th season of the hit singing competition The Voice and blowing everyone away. Turning her from an accountants assistant to a household name.

“I always felt like, ever since high school, I’ve always felt like I wanted to pursue this music career,” said Harris.

The Salisbury native who now lives in Atlanta, Georgia has been singing ever since she was little. And with a voice as powerful as hers it was no surprise that not one, not two, but all four judges on the show wanted her to be on their team.

“I’m standing there in front of all of the coaches, and I only needed one chair. I just remember telling myself you only need one chair,” said Harris.

Once the coronavirus pandemic hit – this season’s competition looked a little different. Harris¬†and other contestants had to start competing from home.
But round after round, Harris still remained ultimately making it to the top 2.

“It was beyond my wildest dreams. I’m really, really blessed to be able to say I had that opportunity,” said Harris.

And although she was the runner up Harris won in many other ways, even getting offers from Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson to share the stage with them.

“I told her I’m definitely going to take her up on that offer to be able to sing with Kelly Clarkson, to share the stage with her. I have opportunities from producers and writers who want to collaborate who I may have never had their attention before so I’m grateful,” Harris.

She even got the song she wrote 9 years ago for her son who was battling leukemia onto iTunes’ Top 10 Music Chart.

“They chose the song. They said they could definitely hear the spiritual connection and thought it would go over very well,” said Harris.

Harris adds that she’s just grateful for the opportunity to share her voice with the world – and represent the area she loves so much.

“I’d like to think that I made Salisbury proud. I certainly hope that I have. There are some things that I want to do for the city, in the city,” said Harris.

If you’re interested in listening to or buying Harris’ song called My superhero, it’s available for purchase on both Apple Itunes and Google play.

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