Open for Business: Coffee Mill brewing up coffee and connections

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – One Rehoboth Beach cafe is brewing up the perfect blend of coffee and customer safety during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We do have a local community here that supports us, they try to do the best they can,” Mel Danascena, a part owner at The Coffee Mill, said.

The shop has been brewing up hot, fresh coffee for twenty eight years, but the past few months have proven to be a challenge due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s been very slow due to everything that’s happening,” Mel said.

Mel says business online has picked up with loyal customers buying coffee beans and having them delivered to their homes.

“Now since they can’t come here, it went up probably 50% which was very good,” Mel said.

And even outside of online orders, Mel says he’s keeping up with his customers on social media.

“I post on Facebook every day and people who are not here they see, and they make comments about how much they would like to be here,” he said.

But online orders and conversations don’t capture the real Coffee Mill experience, which starts when you see the famous Coffee Mill truck parked outside and continues down the alley tucked off Rehoboth Ave. It’s that draw, the feeling of the being at the shop, that brings customers in even during the pandemic.

“Here on the alleyway, it’s almost European,” Tom Wontorek, a customer said.  “Yeah, I feel like we’re in Paris!” his wife, Lavonne, said.

Now, with new guidance and regulations in place, Mel says his team is just focused on serving his customers in a safe and healthy manner.

“We’re always cleaning, we always disinfect everything like numerous times a day, wiping surfaces and changing gloves,” he said.

Because for him, the customers are what it’s all about.

“When I see one of them it’s like memories from last year, from spring, summer, from fall, and it’s always nice to have a conversation with them, to touch base,” he said.

If you’re interested in buying coffee beans online, or finding the shop’s hours, you can head to their website.

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