Ocean City mayor reacts to photos appearing to show crowded boardwalk

OCEAN CITY, Md. – In Ocean City, images of a packed boardwalk over the weekend have left some people concerned about the spread of the coronavirus, but the mayor says those photos were taken out of context.

A photo that went viral over the weekend from Reuters shows a packed boardwalk with a good amount of people not wearing masks.

47 ABC spoke with Mayor Rick Meehan on Tuesday who says this photo makes it seem worse than it was.

He added that this is a difficult time for everyone and that everybody is doing their best to comply.

“Yes, there were a lot of people, but people were separated, people were trying to be courteous to others, they were walking in groups of two or four,” said Meehan.

“You saw larger groups, they were typically all family members,” said Meehan.

Meehan says he recommends that everyone wears masks and that they’ll continue to reinforce their messaging to comply while helping the state to move in a positive direction.

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