Man dies after fleeing traffic stop in Cambridge, death investigation underway

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – What was supposed to be a simple traffic stop has now turned into a death investigation after a Talbot County man fled from police only to later be found lying in a wooded area.

“I believe they saw him crossing this field over here when they were coming down the road looking for him and decided they would try to come back here to cut him off,” said Mark Luthy, a Cambridge resident.

On Friday afternoon police say 37-year-old Larry Ross caught the attention of an officer near Chesapeake Street in Cambridge after he allegedly committed a traffic violation.

Police attempted to pull Ross over, but that’s when they say Ross stopped his car and immediately ran behind several houses in the area.

Ross was later found a half a mile away lying in the woods where officials say he was sweating profusely asking for water and allegedly telling police at the time that he had ingested something.

Police say he was taken by an ambulance to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

“I saw the cop cars come rolling by my shop,” said Luthy.

“At first I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to it then I’d seen a couple more and looked outside the doors and seen them running back the building, figured chasing somebody,” said Luthy.

“I kind of thought something happened, but I was just waiting to hear, so now that I know something did happen, it is a little concerning because I work here,” said Romeo Gomes, owner of Bombay Tadka in Cambridge.

According to Romeo Gomes, he saw investigators later that day around 8 PM near his restaurant apparently searching the area.

“I saw a couple of guys come in in a black van,” said Gomes.

“It was probably about three of them and they got out of the car and they were searching that area by the fence and they were I guess looking for something,” said Gomes.

Maryland State Police say even though Ross told them he had ingested something before he later told them that he did not.

Officials say after an autopsy, investigators determined there were no signs of trauma on the body or any injuries indicating any type of force was used when Ross was handcuffed.

According to the medical examiner, the autopsy remains open pending additional analyses and toxicology tests.

The cause and manner of death have yet to be determined.

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