Delaware man making Halloween kits for kids just in case they can’t trick-or-treat because of COVID-19

DELMARVA- A local man has spent much of the pandemic planning something special for children when Halloween rolls around.

Jason Rhodes, the coordinator of the Halloween Fun Packs Project, started the initiative to provide up to 1,000 free fun packs filled with candy, stickers, and sketch cards that artists from around the nation designed.

Rhodes said he started the project because children across the Unites States may not be able to trick or treat this fall if there is a second wave of covid-19 cases.

“It’s something that we hope will give a sense of normalcy and enjoyment to kids at a time that otherwise could be disappointing for them because I don’t know about you, but if I were a kid and suddenly I couldn’t go trick or treating on Halloween that would be pretty disappointing,” Rhodes said.

Rhodes said fundraising started this week and he hopes to raise $4,000 dollars to support the project.

You can go online to find more information on how to donate and register your kids at

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