Crowds head to Ocean City for Memorial Day weekend

OCEAN CITY, Md. – Saturday crowds of people few with masks flocked to Ocean City for Memorial Day weekend.

With nicer weather many went out to the boardwalk while others decided to go sunbathing on the beach.

“The beaches are pretty nice and people are staying further apart,” said James Gyolai, a Harford resident.

“The board is kind of hit or miss because everybody is trying to move around and sometimes you get jammed up,” said Gyolai.

Restaurants on the boardwalk like Ocean 13 tell 47ABC as more and more people visit business will continue to improve.

“This has been nice for us as a business because we can gradually employ a couple of people every week, get some people off unemployment, get people back to work and this is a nice steady pace to do it,” said Steve Bowers, owner at Ocean 13.

“This is a great weekend to start really bringing people in,” said Bowers.

In order to keep customers and employees socially distanced as much as possible, businesses like Ocean 13 installed things like plastic barriers as well as caution tape.

“We got a plastic shield up, we got all of our employees wearing masks and we’re just hoping that everyone kind of understands why we’re doing it,” said Bowers.

“It’s really great to see how all of the vendors are taking precautions and you know the screens up in front, wearing masks, cleaning everything down,” said Nichole Havel, a Harford resident.

“It’s nice to know that they’re taking this as seriously as possible,” said Havel.

And although people are only encouraged to wear masks some say everyone should do all they can to help keep the state moving in a healthy and positive direction.

“I understand that you have to take your masks off to eat or drink and all that stuff, but in general just walking on the boardwalk,” said Bowers.

“You’re within two or three feet of people, just wear a mask and we would like to continue this, this is nice,” said Bowers.

Town officials say police will be patrolling the beach and boardwalk to remind people to social distance if they see crowds gathering.

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