Volunteers sew face masks for first responders and healthcare workers

REHOBOTH BEACH, Del. – In Delaware, more than 60 volunteers from all across Sussex County are teaming up to provide cloth face masks for first responders and health care workers.

Volunteers say they started the Volunteer Delaware Face Mask Project in response to the huge need for more face masks.

At their homes volunteers have already helped sew more than 2,000 masks for places like Beebe Healthcare and the Nanticoke Memorial Hospital.

Volunteers add that by helping people like healthcare workers they will feel more at ease during the pandemic moving forward.

“Across the whole United States there are these groups of women across the United States that are making these and we just feel that it’s such a need at this time and it’s helping the community, it’s helping us,” said Jan Semmel, a volunteer.

Volunteers say they are doing everything they can to help their community and for more information on how you can support them, contact Hilda Adams at 302-291-2922 or at keepmailhca@gmail.com.

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