“There are folks out there that need us”: Salisbury Urban Ministries open during pandemic

SALISBURY, Md. – Salisbury Urban Ministries leaders say they’re dedicated to helping people get through the COVID-19 pandemic. “In this pandemic – unusual circumstances that none of us have ever seen in our lifetime – we’ve had to adapt and realize that there are folks out there that need us. What we’re seeing is over 50% of the people that we are serving now are new clients,” said executive director Debbie Donaway.

The non-profit organization provides a number of services, including food pantries Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Salisbury Urban Ministries also has programs like Kids Cafe. The program normally provides after school care and meals for children. During the pandemic, the program is still giving kids and their families with food and learning activities at home. People looking for help with paying for prescriptions can also turn to Salisbury Urban Ministries.

Donaway says that now more than ever, there is a greater need for help – regardless of social or economic status. “Previously we focused on Wicomico residents that were enrolled in the program and met certain criteria, but we can’t hold true to that now. I mean, there’s folks that are now unemployed that normally would not have asked for this assistance,” said Donaway.

Salisbury Urban Ministries says they’re focusing on building partnerships with other local organizations. Donaway tells 47ABC that the partnerships help to strengthen the ability to help those in need. “These partnerships are important to getting the services out and particularly during COVID-19,” she said.

Salisbury Urban Ministries is partnering up with nearby Christian Shelter, as well as Salisbury’s SWIFT team. SWIFT is made up by the Wicomico Health Department, Peninsula Regional Medical Center, and the Salisbury Fire Department. The team makes contact with Wicomico residents who frequently use EMS services, and helps them find medical resources in order to reduce non-emergency calls. Donaway says Salisbury Urban Ministries is partnering with SWIFT to figure how they can help, and what resources her organization can provide. “They are in the home. They know these folks that need extra services, and we know we’ve been able to work with them,” said Donaway.

If you need help, Donaway says not to hesitate. You can reach Salisbury Urban Ministries on their website, or give them a call at (410) 749-1563.

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