Teacher takes preschool class virtual during COVID-19 pandemic

OCEAN VIEW, Del. – Until restrictions are lifted on schools in Delaware, this is Heather Shevland and her preschool students’ new normal. Offering lessons that she usually would teach in her classroom, online.

“We try to learn some things during the day, like today we learned about ovals, we’re working on the numbers eight and nine.”

Shevland tells 47 ABC when she and other parents realized the order to close schools down to help curb the spread of coronavirus began to last longer than they thought, the idea to offer zoom classes was born.

“We’re offering zoom classes a couple of times a day. We have three different classes broken up by age. Some come at 11:30 in the morning, some come at one in the afternoon, and then we also have storytime on Fridays. Routine, and structure, and learning or three really important things to our age groups so we’re going to do what we can to make sure they still have that even though they’re not here physically with us.”

And parents say the classes are a hit with their kids.

“The kids are engaged. They get to keep doing their show and tell, they get to keep practicing their letters. Hopefully, we get back to normal in the foreseeable future but for now, this is a pretty great option,” said one parent Sara Decker.

Shevland says the class also helps to put a smile on her face as she deals with not seeing her students like she used to.

“It’s really sad to not have the kids here. I miss them, I miss their families, I missed the grandparents we all just get so close throughout the year.

And while it’s not an ideal situation, Shevland says she’s just happy to continue to do what she loves with the kids that bring her so much joy.

“We make it work and everybody smiles when we wave and say goodbye it makes me know that it’s just, it’s worth it.”




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