Salisbury city budget announced for 2021

SALISBURY, Md. – The City of Salisbury is looking ahead to next year. Mayor Jake Day announced the budget for fiscal year 2021 on Friday. City council tells 47ABC that this is the third year in a row that tax rates have stayed the same, but the difference this year is that during these tough times, peoples’ pockets are hurting.

Major Day says that he’s trying to steer the city towards financial recovery. “I believe this road map is the most accurate picture we could assemble at this time. It is a $64.7 million spending plan,” said Mayor Day.

Mayor Day says that in March 2020 alone, $23.9 million in new construction was given the green light, and he hopes to continue expanding upon those projects. Among those projects, Mayor Day says that the city is working on a robotic trash collection system that would float along the Wicomico River. The budget also includes funding for three new ambulances, and five new police vehicles.

The mayor also says he’s holding back on some taxes because it will help people in the city save money while recovering from COVID-19’s impact on the economy. “We recognize that there are too many burdens on the backs of our taxpayers, and we will not contribute to increasing that load. So, this budget proposes no tax increase and no water and sewer rate increase,” said Mayor Day.

City Council President Jack Heath says although the total savings for individuals from that may be small, any amount can make a difference. “In essence, by not having any increases in the water and sewer, they can anticipate that they can use that money as they need,” said Heath.

Mayor Day tells 47ABC that the city isn’t setting aside any funds for COVID-19 preparations and recovery, and that federal aid will help cover that area. Meanwhile, Heath says looking past COVID-19 by planning for financial recovery in the coming year is key to coming out of this crisis on top. “We haven’t really skipped a beat. I think that that sends a good message to people, because anybody that goes out driving around sees that ‘hey, you know what? This isn’t stopping us,'” said Heath.


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