Rent adjustment for public housing amidst coronavirus

MARYLAND – Public housing authorities are trying to work with residents who may have been laid off or had hours cut and can’t pay rent.

Officials say they’ll have a better idea of just how many renters are being impacted by this at the beginning of May.  But they say HUD has asked public housing officials to take documentation and make interim rent adjustments if someone recently lost their job due to business closures. However, officials say some employers may not be quick enough to get those documents together. So right now, they’re making adjustments regardless of documentation.

“We’ve been advised to take it on word of mouth and follow up with the documentation at a later date. The key is to make sure that we’re not putting any undue hardship financially on folks as they go through this experience and loss of a job,” says Don Bibb the executive director of Talbot, Wicomico & Somerset Housing Agencies.

Additionally, Bibb says many “14 day late notices” are still being sent because they are system generated. However, no evictions will be taking place right now. Bibb says any unpaid rent will be backlogged and renters will have to pay that eventually.

If you have any questions you can call the Public Housing Commission Easton Office at 410-822-5358.

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