Reduced Flight Schedule at SBY Regional Airport

As the number of coronavirus cases in our region continues to surge — the number of flights at Salisbury Regional Airport are going down.

Last year, Assistant Airport manager Tony Rudy says about 120,000 passengers used the airport.

“Earlier in the year we were doing great then once this whole situation developed it rapidly dropped off. I think the recovery is going to take awhile,” says Rudy.

Reservations is no doubt to blame for the pared back flight schedule slated to start next month.

Piedmont Airlines spokesperson, Jackie Jennings, says in a statement flights are scheduled by American Airlines.
And company-wide about 80% of flights are being cut.

Locally, that translates to 3 flights a day down from an average of 5.

Rudy says there will be even less on Tuesday and Saturday.

“American has reduced its schedule. They’ve gone down from five arrivals and departures a day to three depending on the day of the week,” says Rudy.

When asked if the changes could impact the price of a plane ticket, Rudy says yes, in a good way.

“Just anecdotally from what I’ve seen personally, it looks like prices were about the same if not lower,” says Rudy.

Aside from changes to the number of flights, both the airport and airline have made changes to how they conduct business.

“The majority of us are still coming to work an we do have some tele-commuting going on,” shares Rudy.

Looking toward the future, Rudy says he’s optimistic that the airport will see a rebound in its flight schedule by the summer.

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