PRMC Doctor: Gloves are “false hope” in protection against COVID-19

SALISBURY, Md. – A doctor at Peninsula Regional Medical Center says one misconception about coronavirus protection is that wearing gloves will help protect you.

Since hand sanitizer is scarce many people are wearing gloves in public places like grocery stores. But experts say that doesn’t help if you aren’t constantly changing gloves. If you touch a contaminated surface with gloves on, you can transfer it to other places including your phone or purse. Dr. Chris Snyder with PRMC says washing your hands or using hand sanitizer is a much better way to protect yourself.

“The gloves are totally a false hope. Remember this virus does not get spread through skin. That is so important. It gets through your eyes, through your nose and through your mouth. That’s how it gets into your system,” says Dr. Chris Snyder, the Chief Quality Officer at PRMC.

As for the situation at PRMC, Snyder says the hospital still trying to get rapid tests because right now they don’t have any. They’re also increasing the number of ventilators they have. Right now they have about 40 but they’re trying to get as many as 60 more.

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