Pharmacies making sure customers get prescriptions

SALISBURY, Md.- Two Salisbury pharmacies are making some changes to ensure that their customers still get the medication they need.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic pharmacies, like Riverside Pharmacy in Salisbury, are keeping their doors open to the public.

“There are some people that just wanna still come in here, they enjoy coming in here, they enjoy the interaction, they wanna check up on us,” Karla Christie, Pharmacist at Riverside Pharmacy, said.

For those who don’t want to go inside, Riverside Pharmacy is expanding the ways that customers can get their medication.

“We have delivery services, we have our drive through window, and we’ve also added curbside pickup, so that when people get here they just call let us know they are out in the parking lot and we bring whatever they need out to them,” Christie said.

Things are a little different over at Pemberton Pharmacy, in Salisbury, as their doors are closed to the public, but they are still providing similar services like curbside pickup.

“Our deliveries have increased quite a bit but also the curbside pickup is being well received by our customers,” Craig Schury, Pharmacist and Owner at Pemberton Pharmacy, said.

Unfortunately, the owner of Pemberton Pharmacy said they are experiencing some shortages during this pandemic.

“There are some sporadic shortages of medications, you know we are working very hard with our doctors and customers,” Schury said.

But we’re told through all the changes, customers are letting their local pharmacies know they appreciate them and the critical service they’re providing during this uncertain time.

“We’ve had people bring us food, we had someone bring us clothes yesterday so we’re holding up because we’re doing because we care about the people we serve,” Christie said.

Riverside Pharmacy said that they still have orders coming in and they are continuing to get shipments everyday.

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