Open for Business: Salisbury Airport still has flights soaring in

SALISBURY, Md. – 47 ABC is continuing our coverage of businesses and places in Salisbury that are open for business throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. One of those places is open on the ground, and in the air. We’re talking about the Salisbury Airport.

“The airport does remain open for business, we are an essential business, the FAA requires us to be open,” Tony Rudy, Assistant Airport Manager, tells 47 ABC.

Flights are soaring into the Salisbury Airport every single day, but just because they’re operating doesn’t mean things are the same.

“We’re down to about two or three flights, arrivals and departures, per day, as opposed to, we were running six arrivals, six departures,” Rudy said.

Even inside of the cabin, Rudy says things are relatively empty.

“For the flights I’ve observed, it’s maybe a handful of passengers on any one flight,” he said.

But even those handful of passengers are receiving reminders about their duty to self-isolate after getting off a plane.

“We have posted in the terminal, there’s a public notice we posted that came from the Governor’s office that basically informs individuals that if they’re traveling from out of the state they’re required to self-quarantine for 14 days,” Rudy explained.

And despite the low number of travelers coming in and out of the airport, Rudy says they’re doing everything they can to keep passengers safe and healthy.

“We have a cleaning contractor who takes care of all of our cleaning at the airport, they have protocols in place with recommendations from the CDC that they are using,” Rudy said.

Rudy says that, while the airport takes these adjustments day by day, they’re looking forward to seeing all of you in the air once things are back to normal.

“We just look forward to, when travel picks back up here, hopefully after not too long, that people will realize the value of the airport and support the airport,” he said.

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