Open for business: Caliber Collision auto repair

SALISBURY, Md. – On a typical day, the Caliber Collision auto body shop is usually filled with cars waiting to be serviced and customers ready to pay. But the coronavirus pandemic has changed things drastically for general manager Buddy Smith and his entire team.

“We have about ten cars total in process right now and usually we run around the 30 car range at any given time here at the shop,” said Smith.

Ever since fears of the virus began to grow and families were ordered to stay at home, Smith says work here at the shop just isn’t what it used to be.

“Over 50% of our work has been gone. Usually, that back lot is pretty full, and I think there are three cars back there.”

With a team that relies solely on the work they do in order to get paid, Smith says they’ve been coming up with different ways to still service customers while also putting their minds at ease when it comes to their health.

“If they want to stay home, we can handle all of the authorizations online, via e-mail or fax or anything like that. We can offer to pick up, and if it’s too far away we can actually even offer to have it towed here and take it back to their home once it’s all complete,” said Smith.

And while Smith says he has no idea how long this pandemic will last, he’ll do whatever it takes to take care of both customers and his employees.

“I’m willing to offer discounts or any way to get work in the door to keep our people here busy and being able to support their family.”

Smith adds that customers are encouraged to go to any of their Caliber Collision shops that are located across the eastern shore including in Salisbury, Ocean City, and Pocomoke. And if you’d like to get a free estimate or make an appointment, just head to the auto shop’s website here.

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