Oak Ridge Baptist Church hosts community chicken sale

SALISBURY, Md. – On Saturday, hundreds of people came out to Oak Ridge Baptist Church for a community chicken sale.

Oak Ridge Baptist Church partnered with Mountaire for this sale.

Organizers say 160,000 pounds of chicken got handed out with each pound of chicken only costing one dollar.

They say right now there’s a huge need for more critical items like chicken, which is why events like this one are much needed.

“I hope that a whole lot of people have freezers or refrigerators full of chicken and they’re able to get through a couple more weeks without feeling like oh my word, what I’m going to do about food,” said Pastor Gary McCabe, at the Oak Ridge Baptist Church.

“I hope we make a lot of stress and relief happen, a lot of stress go away and a lot of relief happen for the members of the community,” said McCabe.

Organizers say Oak Ridge Baptist Church and Mountaire are looking at the possibility of hosting more events like this one in the future.

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