Governor Carney calls Sussex County a “hot spot” for COVID-19


Georgetown, Del. – Governor John Carney spoke at a press conference Tuesday about how Delaware can move closer to reopening and recovery. He says a big part of getting there will come from addressing hot spots like Sussex County. “Obviously we have a spread – a very intense spread – within crowded communities in Sussex County that we’re responding to,” said Governor Carney.

The governor says that slowing and eventually stopping the spread of COVID-19 in Delaware’s fastest growing county will come in steps. Those stages include more testing, contact tracing, and educating people about how to stay safe. “Community members, particularly those in these communities where we’ve identified high rates of infection, will get information about isolating those that are COVID-19 positive,” said Governor Carney.

Governor Carney says that so far over 21,000 people have been tested in Delaware. The governor also says the state is focusing on the percent of positive tests as opposed to the number, so that officials can continue to focus on identifying hot spots.

In Georgetown, Mayor Bill West says officials are working on setting up two sites where people can get tested and educated. “We’re setting up at La Esperanza. We’re going to do testing right on the street there for walk ups, and educational process, and then we’re going to do First State Community Action. They’re going to do a walk up there with testing and an educational process,” said Mayor West.

Mayor West tells 47ABC that because Georgetown has so many residents who work in poultry processing and might be dealing with a language barrier, those educational sites are key to stopping the rapid spread of infection. “We need to educate this population we have here to do the things that are right so we can get through this and get back to normal,” said Mayor West.

The mayor says that as officials work on ramping up COVID-19 response on both state and local levels, he’s asking people to continue staying at home and following social distancing practices. “People have to remain safe, and the only way you can do that right now is to stay home and don’t be around large crowds,” said Mayor West.

Mayor West says he’s been going out with doctors to do community outreach and testing. He also says some people still aren’t following social distancing practices, and blames social gatherings for the rapid spread. For right now he’s still advising people to continue washing their hands, social distancing, and following the governor’s stay at home order.


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