Country singer Brad Paisley crashes local Zoom call

SALISBURY, Md. – Zoom hangouts have become the new norm for many us while we all practice social distancing, but a group of teachers from Wicomico County got a special guest in their meeting room Wednesday night.

Country music star Brad Paisley joined a teachers happy hour zoom call.

We’re told he’s been doing this as part of his pub crawl where he asks people to invite him into their chats for the past week or so.

The teacher who invited him is Teena Workman from Beaver Run Elementary – she says this was third time inviting him and as she says the third time was the charm.

Workman said, “It was just normal, it was just great. He was just like, ‘Hey you guys are teachers!’ and he asked us how we were doing with the quarantine and with the social distancing and we talked about his kids and how they were doing with the home schooling and the online learning as well and when sports were going to start backup, it was just casual conversation.”

Workman says Paisley even talked with her son who came down during the chat.

To make things even cooler, she says after Paisley got off the call, she got a text from his number saying he was hopping on a chat with Alex Rodriguez.

So he texted Workman Rodriguez’ number and said to text him so he could ask Brad questions.

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