Coronavirus pandemic adding stress to mothers during pregnancy

SALISBURY, Md.- For some expecting mothers,  the current coronavirus pandemic has added pressure to an already nerve-racking situation.

“It was really stressful they told me I had high blood pressure,” Chelsea Lahey, a mother who just gave birth at Peninsula Regional Medical Center.

Lahey was not only faced with having to go through a pregnancy, but also the new procedures the COVID-19 pandemic is bringing.

“I wasn’t allowed to bring Aaron into the doctors office for any of my visits or anything, so I had a lot of questions and concerns,” Lahey said.

Lahey and her husband, Aaron Jones, told 47ABC they had concerns given the times we are in.

“They are realizing that a lot of pregnant woman are asymptomatic and I didn’t wanna give it to anybody,” Lahey said.

“One of our biggest concerns was whether or not I was going to be allowed to come into the hospital at all,” Jones said.

But Lahey was reassured her husband would be allowed in the room and the proper measures were being taken.

“So, when we went in we got our temperature checked as soon as we walked through the door,” Lahey said.

“It’s completely separated, the nurses are fully staffed, fully prepared, and taking all the precautions to make sure everybody’s safe,” Jones said.

Lahey wants expecting mothers to know they shouldn’t be scared to ask any questions to help ease their fears.

“They were very transparent about what was going on in the hospital, any questions that I had they were able to answer,” Lahey said.

“I think the main take away that we got was that there’s nothing to be worried about, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” Jones said.

The couple adds that this pregnancy was also different because they were advised to not leave the room after delivery.

Plus, no other family members, except for Jones, were allowed at the hospital.

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