School leaders respond to extended closure

WICOMICO CO.- With schools in Maryland now required to stay closed until April 24th, Teachers in Wicomico County are now being to asked to teach online.

“With this new way of learning and putting things together very quickly i do think that there is some anxiety,” Jason Miller, Principal at Prince Street Elementary School, said.

Miller said he briefed his staff Friday morning about the changes.

“During our staff meeting, we’ve talked about different online platforms that teachers could use in order to connect students with continuity of instruction,” Miller said.

Miller told us across the county they are trying to find a solution for students who don’t have access to online learning.

“The district will be putting out more information in regards to possible deployment of student laptops,” Miller said. “We will be making non-digital resource packets available at schools.”

We are told that instruction will resume next week with student expected to finish up any work they previously had.

“Next week teachers are charged with contacting their students and their families and also wrapping up any work that needs to be completed from the third marking term,” Miller said.

While there is still a lot of uncertainty and nervousness with this new method of teaching, Superintendent Doctor Donna Hanlin said she trying to do her part to ease the pressure on both teachers and students.

“We’re just going to continue to emphasize that, that this is so new for all of us and we all just need to work together and be patient and communicate our needs and we are doing our best,” Dr. Hanlin said.

Dr. Hanlin told us that they are looking at deploying school buses equipped with hot spots in areas where Wi-Fi is spotty around the county.

This could help students who also don’t have access to Wi-Fi.

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