Salisbury Police Department receiving fewer calls

SALISBURY, Md.– The Salisbury Police Department said they are receiving less calls amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Since March 18th, the department has been screening calls to determine if reports of certain crimes can be taken over the phone, rather than in person.

With that in mind, you’d think that might result in an increase in calls, but that’s not the case.

Police suspect the drop in calls may be because more people are staying home amid the pandemic.

“We have seen a change as far as the calls for service volume, we are down by 150 calls per week,” Howard Drewer, Captain of Operation at Salisbury Police Department, said.
“We are looking at a 25 percent reduction right now because of which a lot of that is because people who are harboring more so in place at home.”

When it comes to arrests, police couldn’t tell us whether they have had an increase or decrease.

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